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Ron Paul painting by RayceRapoza Ron Paul painting by RayceRapoza
This is a painting I did at the height of excitement for Ron Paul's 2012 campaign, just as it was beginning. I had it done in time for his first big money bomb and put it on my blog. Its probablt the hardest, most time consuming painting I've ever done, but its also been the most rewarding for me. I put it out for free hoping activists would use it, but unfortunately it never took off. Its the template for how I plan to do for most of my portraits, making it look real but painterly and impressionistic at the same time.

Here is what I originally wrote for this painting on my blog

It’s September 2011, and it’s one of the most important times in human history. The battle between good and evil is raging back and fourth, not only in America, but through out the world. We are standing at a cross roads, and soon, everyone’s going to have to make a decision, between life and death.

Now as a Christian, that’s accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, and I still believe that’s the ultimate decision for any individual, but here, I’m applying it to America itself being at a cross roads., the life and death of our nation laid out before us. History has slowly led up to this point, but after September 11th 2001, the destruction accelerated. Our fear of that day repeating caused us to trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and give up our freedoms for so called “security”. It made us ignorant, which caused scares in our society that are still not stitched back together; The supposed revenge we took with our foreign policy has caused a false sense of pride that has overwhelmed us and our economy; and our Republic, which so many died for, has fallen. At some point, we have to be honest with ourselves; we have to have some humility, and if we want America to have a future, we need to choose the road that leads to life. I believe that that road to life for America is in the 2012 presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

I’m paraphrasing here, but Alex Jones said on his radio show one day “I don’t believe God is real, I KNOW God is real, and I know divine providence when I see it. And God has given us this humble Doctor. He’s giving us a choice”. Alex is absolutely right, God is giving us a choice. God has raised this man up for this moment, just like he raises all of us up for special moments of our own. God’s given the privilege to Dr. Paul to fulfill a tremendous destiny; to change the course of history.

Bringing the troops home and ending all the meaningless wars; fixing our broken economy by getting back on the Gold and silver standard; ending the federal reserve; ending the failed war on drugs; ending murderous abortion laws; Bringing Health Care back to the private sector. Not to mention his perfectly Constitutional voting record, and never voting to raise taxes. No other candidate compares. But most importantly, the ideas Ron Paul upholds is something all Americans should uphold if they want to continue to call America a free country to live and prosper in.

The next generation will ask us what we did when all this was going on, when history was being made. I want to be able to show them this painting. I surprised myself with how good it came out, and I’ve never been more proud about a piece of artwork that I’ve done. I wanted to reveal it this day, as the Revolution PAC is raising money for the resistance. The image is free for anyone to use. I won’t be making money off it. I believe, that if Ron Paul is elected, we can take steps towards saving our currency. We can get back on the Gold standard, and have something of real value. So this painting, and me spreading the word will, hypothetically, make me all the money I can possibly make in the future.

God Bless you Ron Paul, thanks for giving America hope. Your right where God wants you to be. I pray we answer the call, and pass the test God is giving us.
Amaranth7777 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
Excellent work
It somehow portrays his worry and care for his country imo

AnimeM43 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
great job, an excellent painting of one of the only good politicians ever
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